IPAcademia is one of the pioneers in scholarly open access publishing. We have supported academic communities. Based in Duhok, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, IPAcademia has the mission to foster open scientific exchange in all forms, across all disciplines. Currently, we launched the following journals


The Journal of Applied Science and Technology Trends (JASTT) with ISSN: 2708-0757 is a peer-reviewed journal and seeks to provide an advanced forum on all aspects of applied sciences, specifically addressing issues that relate to technological developments in the Tropics. JASTT publishes wide research articles as well as reviews, experiments, experiences, modeling, simulations, designs, innovations from engineering, technical and science, and its related disciplines as well as interdisciplinary/cross-disciplinary/multidisciplinary subjects.


The Journal of Life and Bio-sciences Research (JLBSR) with ISSN: 2708-1818, is an international, interdisciplinary electronic, double-blind, peer-reviewed, quick-refereeing, and open access journal. JLBSR publishes review papers, original research papers, and case reports in all areas of biological and life sciences. JLBSR’s mission is to encourage scientists to publish their results and disseminate and promote new knowledge while contributing to the development of science in the country and the world.


The Journal of Civil Engineering Frontiers (JoCEF) with ISSN: 2709-6904 is a peer-reviewed journal and seeks to provide an advanced forum on all aspects of Civil Engineering Research, specifically addressing issues that relate to Civil and Environmental  Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Survey, and Geospatial Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Construction Engineering, Solid Mechanics, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Engineering Management 


The Journal of Geoinformatics & Environmental Research (JGIER) with ISSN: 2709-9806  is a peer-reviewed and an open-access journal. It aims to provide a scientific platform on all aspects of geoinformation sciences; those are related to Remote Sensing, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Environmental Sciences, and their applications. JGIER is for academicians, scientists, researchers from all over the world to present their research articles, reviews, communications from the Geoinformatics and Environmental sciences.